‘Tracking your body’s composition and progress achieved through training and nutrition’

There are several ways you
can assess body composition; these include: Skinfolds, Bioelectrical impedance, MRI, DEXA, bodpod Underwater weighing .  All of these methods have strengths and weaknesses of accuracy, reliability, reproducibility etc. and the cost will also be a factor in terms of the method you may choose to use.

Benefits of using ISAK Level 1 Anthropometric  assessments

  • Non-invasive, inexpensive and accessible
  • Can help track changes in body composition in response to training and dietary interventions
  • Can be used with BMI measurements to give a more accurate assessment for athletesharpendencallipers

With appropriate training this method can provide accurate and useful data on your physique. The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) has defined and approved an international anthropometry accreditation scheme, which is now taught in over 40 countries world-wide.

tape-measureA level 1 ISAK assessment includes:
2 base measures (weight and height)
8 skinfolds
5 girths
2 breadths

You will receive a sum of 6 and 8 Skinfolds,  Body fat%, Somatotype (body type traits), BMI, Waist hip ratio, these can then be easily tracked over time.