The holidays can make keeping to a set training and eating plan challenging to say the least and many take the New Year as a time to start fresh.

Eat mindfully; eat away from the computer and TV and avoid multi-tasking to prevent unnecessary extra energy intake, it is easy to finish a whole packet of cookies while watching your favorite show on Netflix’s.Party-image
Set realistic expectations;  start by focusing on one meal/day as mindful eating.
Try to avoid snacking on the run; consume meals sitting at the table with no distractions
Eat slowly; appreciate the food presentation, chew adequately  and put down cutlery between mouthfuls
Choose high quality ingredients when preparing your meals; you may find that you are satisfied with smaller amounts of good quality food versus large portions of poor quantity food
Keep a food diary to record your food and beverage intake
Be aware of the energy content of hot and cold beverages
Get back on track with your training or set a small, realistic physical activity goal

Remember an average of 50kcal/d in surplus of your needs over the course of a year equates to an overall weight gain of ~2.4kg!!

Small, consistent changes make a BIG difference