Egg wrap pic_jpegThis is a yummy and healthy meal you can put together for breakfast, brunch or lunch! this also makes a great post workout meal (recovery) to prepare in <10min 😉 Use any veggies in your fridge for lots of colour!

Ingredients (for 2 people)

2 whole meal wraps
4 eggs
1-2 tomatoes, sliced
½ -1 orange, yellow pepper, sliced
2-4 Tbsp hummus
1-2 tsp mayonnaise
2 large handfuls spinach
cheese- optional grated cheddar or feta

1.Fill medium skillet with water and 1 Tbsp vinegar and bring to a boil; carefully break eggs and poach until soft boiled to desired consistency.
2.Meanwhile, slice tomatoes and peppers and spread hummus and mayo onto wrap, top spread with veggies
3.Place eggs on paper towel to remove excess moisture and place on wrap