Do you want to fuel better for training and races?

Ever had GI issues during an event & want to prevent reoccurence?

Are you struggling with training sessions in the month while excelling at others?


This practical webinar will guide you through nutrition aspects of day to day training nutrition and hydration, recovery strategies, timing as well as a guide to outline enhanced performance and training adaptation with your menstrual cycle. Key nutrients that many women tend to be deficient in will also be covered. Race nutrition strategies, ‘training the gut’ along with common causes of upset and suggestions for prevention. Come along to learn and apply a few tips to improve your fueling and performance !

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Zoom Meeting ID will be emailed within 24hrs once payment is received, note the email address used to register will be the one accepted for entry into the zoom meeting. Note that webinar is PST time zone.

Choose the session that is best for your time zone.

Wednesday 27th May, PST 1430-1600
Thursday 28th May, PST 2000-2130

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