We have a passion for healthy food and lifestyle and have a knack for understanding your personal challenges and goals. We can help demystify and optimize your nutrition through up to date, evidenced based research and transform this to applicable, realistic and achievable goals using long lasting strategies. Come see us to ‘fuel your life with positive change’!

Your extended health insurance plan may include Dietitian services; check with your provider. Registered Dietitian services are also tax deductible.

These appointments can take place in person over the phone or on Skype.

Individual Nutrition Consultation (60 minutes)

  • Review of lifestyle, family and medial history
  • Assess current dietary status through a 1-3 day diet history
  • Develop individualized achievable goals and practical nutrition plan.
  • Meal ideas and recipes included

Appointments can also be used for specific requirements such as an individualized performance nutrition plan or a weekly meal planner.

Follow up (30-40 minutes)

  • Review progress on goals
  • Discuss strategies and tools in managing situations
  • Provide relevant nutritional advice and support

Body Composition Assessment  (ISAK Level 1 certified)
Initial $65 (allow 30min)
Re-testing $55

harpendencallipersThis high level, individual profile assessment of skin folds (body fat percent) and body girths,  is used to assess body composition and body type; ideally used to track body composition changes over time.

This service includes:

  • Measurement of skinfolds (8 sites)
  • Body Mass
  • Height
  • Girths
  • Copy of ISAK Standard profile results


On Track Package
Consists of 1 initial appointment and 2* 30min follow up appointments


Performance Package
Consists of 1 initial appointment and 2* 30min follow up appointments and body composition assessment


Family Package
Consists of 1 initial family assessment, supermarket tour, recipes and meal planning ideas and 2 bi-weekly calls to help keep you on track


Couples Package
Consists of 2 initial assessments, 2 follow up appointments

Group Presentations: Corporate, Schools & Sports Teams
Contact for price
Improve team performance and workplace health & motivation

  • Group PresentationsContent tailored to groups’ specific requirements
  • Topics can include: nutrition for optimal health, practical tips, label reading, sports training nutrition, recovery, competition, weight management (lean mass gains, body fat loss), hydration and supplements
  • Motivation and hands on skills for staff and teens
  • Cooking workshops can be arranged

Supermarket Tours – price dependent on group numbers (60-90min)
(contact me for preferred store location)

Catered to your specific needs, ie. Athlete, Health requirements

Man comparing products at the supermarket

Individual or group tours available

  • Reading food labels
  • Making healthier choices
  • Making sense of food claims
  • Optimize navigation of the supermarket
  • Meal ideas

Gift vouchers
Available on Request



 Note:  As we have limited availability cancelled appointments within 24 hours are subject to a 50% charge.