NatHCeline’s willingness to ‘think outside the box’ to tailor nutritional advice to suit my individual training needs and lifestyle has made a huge difference.  I feel confident that my body is getting everything it needs to train and recover for optimal health and performance.  Celine turned all the science into day to day practical advice specific to my needs; I feel great and have had significant improvements in my training and performance.  Thanks so much Celine!  Natalie
Multiple NZ Age Group Triathlon Champion


AngeCeline was charged with the goal of getting my weight down and getting me to eat more vegetables, all while I was undertaking significant sports training and requiring good energy levels. She achieved this and more!  Celine has an amazing ability to work within peoples fussy eating habits.  She gave practical advice about how to get nutritious meals into a busy lifestyle.  I was able to reduce my cravings for sugar and chocolate and get through my day with plenty of energy for after work exercise.  Specific race day nutrition was also discussed and made specific to my needs .  If you are looking for a nutrition expert who will work WITH you rather than just offer dietary advice, Celine is definitely the person for you!  I would highly recommend Celine for all your nutrition needs! – Angela


JamesTurnerWe are a family of four, and we sought Celine’s advice three years ago when our two daughters were aged 9 and 12.  Celine was knowledgeable and practical, and she provided easy-to-follow advice along with evidence to support her suggestions about how we should adapt our nutrition and grocery purchases. She engaged with our two girls in a way that made sense to them. Whether you are a sportsperson seeking to maximise performance, a person trying to lose weight healthily, or a frustrated parent trying to help your children make better eating choices. Celine can provide expert tailored advice and relevant recommendations. I thoroughly recommend Nutrition 360 for all aspects of nutrition and dietary support and advice.
James Turner President, Wellington Triathlon Club, New Zealand


JenCeline has a wealth of up-to-date endurance knowledge. She is a triathlete herself and also the wife of a high performance age group triathlete. She sleeps and breathes endurance nutrition and I recommend Celine to coaches, organisations and individuals for sound nutritional advice – you are safe in her hands.
Jenny Rose Triathlon Coach & former World Elite Triathlon Champion

“Celine’s thorough assessment and expert individualized nutrition advice supported me throughout training and helped fine tune strategies that worked in preparation for a multi-sport event. Her nutrition and training recommendations were realistic, practical and tailored to set me up for success. I am grateful for her amazing expertise, ongoing and encouraging support along the way. I always trust she is up to date in the most cutting edge evidence for optimal sports nutrition.”
Andrea Archibald